After a record of 2-6 to end the 2015 season the Falcons fired two national scouts. Perhaps the move was to save the current GM's fanny after years of curious player personnel moves. I'll save that for another day.

So now the Falcons hire two new national scouts,...guys who have been former GMs and scout stuff for many years. One, Rustin Webster, was GM for the Bucs when they won a SB in 2002. He's been in football for years, even in the college ranks. Watch the Falcons draft a defensive player from Oklahoma this Spring. Both these guys, Webster and Phil Emery have worked for the Bears, Chiefs, Seahawks, Bucs, as said the college ranks.

But,...this is what excited me. In the article it states the Pro Bowl players these guys scouted or drated along with FA acquisitions. From,...Phil Emery produced a Pro Bowl player in each of his first two drafts as general manager of the Bears, selecting guard Kyle Long in the first round in 2013 draft and WR Alshon Jeffery in the second round in 2012. The additions of Long and tackle Jordon Mills through the draft in 2013 helped the Bears become the only team to start a pair of rookies on the offensive line for all 16 games.

Some people can see greatness in players better than others, I can't figure out if a rookie QB in the NFL is gonna be any good or not. My brother can watch a young MLB pitcher and is always 100% right if he'll be any good or not in the long run. If this guy Emery board can find talent for the O-line that'd be so wunnerful. Oh btw,...

Know why there's two national scouts? Obviously one is for defense the other offense. That's why I say Webster will draft a D-player from Oklahoma and Emery will most likely be focusing offensive linemen. Oh well,...we'll see won't we?