Auburn/Cam haters, all you Bama fans

After getting things done yesterday my friend and I went to the local bar here in redneck-land. There were a bunch of big time SEC fans,...Mostly Bama fans, Dawgs fans and one FSU fan.Lol Well,...the Super Bowl subject came up while we sipped beer. It stunned me the vitriol, the hate, the despising of Cam Newton.

Bama fans especially, obviously cause they hate Auburn, reminded everyone about that stolen laptop thing when he was a backup at Florida. That led to a suspension and prompted him to transfer to a community college in Texas. Then there was his father’s attempt to pimp young Cam’s services to the highest bidder in the SEC. Cecil Newton told Mississippi State boosters it would take “more than a scholarship” for Newton to enroll there and it was six-figure demands. So Auburn paid him. And I already knew about all that but my reasons for not liking the kid are different. It's clear the boy has been coddled all his life,...just havin' fun ya'll!

It's much nicer to see such a highly paid, extrememly talented, highly visible athlete behave like a normal adult human being instead of a child. How NFL athletes behaves sifts down to college,...and how scrool football, no argument there. People defending Cam have thrown the dirty bird dance in my face and I say,...I didn't like the dirty bird dance cause to me it's taunting especially when it was done in an away game. And,...the new NFL rules allow a player to dance like a fool, act like a robot on steroids, or make gang member hand gestures to talking trash,...and lately seems the NFL encourages players who makes a tackle to celebrate. People forget the NFL rule which requires players to celebrate on the sideline only,...the Icky Woods RULE?. Even Deion Sanders was forced to run off the field before he did his dance until the rule became,...relaxed, if you will.

So the Panthers aren't liked much over in West Goergia, East Mississippi and Alabama. Oh I forgot they probably hate the Gamecocks, Tarheels, etc. as well. I'm no big college football fan. Why watch children playing a man's game?,...unless it's how scrool football or pop warner stuff?

The Bama boys could not argue Cam's pinpoint passes nor his ability to use his frame to run for yards, and Cam should and will be awarded the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player. Maybe given time the boy will grow up,...but then Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin and Donovan McNabb never did, nor ever will.