Here's a response I made at another place,...enjoy if it even matters.

I know what the Falcons should do this Spring, up to get higher than #17 in the draft and choose the fastest, most cocky, trash talking cornerback/kick returner in all of the NCAA. That's what they did in 1989 drafting Deion Sanders when they had soooooo many holes to fill. It makes sense knowing how the Falcons franchise has historically drafted college players. I'll never forget Dan Reeves drafting LB Keith Brooking in the 1st round cause he was from Georgia Tech and Reeves admitted that choice was to sell more tickets.

But this moribund NFL team needs a spark. The old man Devin Hester is washed up,...Matt Ryan is more of a quiet leader,...Roddy White can't be that leader who can still perform at a high level,...Jon Babineaux is a quiet guy,...the entire O-line are quiet guys,...Julio Jones is a quiet warrior as well. This team is thirsty to play with emotion.

It appears Dan Quinn approaches things similar to Mike Smith's ways. Quinn was forced to field a team that actually overachieved starting the season 5-0. In other words an 8-8 season was fortunate,...other than picking higher in the draft.

Ahhhhhh,...for the days when Michael Vick was the face of the NFL,...pffffffftLOLOL! It's funny lots of people hated Deion Sanders when he was a Falcon then later said he's the greatest as a Niner/Cowboy/Raven. LOTS of people HATED Mike Vick but still lots loved him even being quasi-Falcons fans just because Vick was playing FOR Atlanta.

Hey,...maybe the Falcons can work out a deal to get that stud out West, but he's a sophomore,...the rednecks around here would be a shootin they guns in celebration.

From Denmark, a picture,...the band Numbnutts, I swear,...the Falcons need some player to electrify this boring ass bs.