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Thread: Dolphins Value over Time

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    Dolphins Value over Time

    Team Owner Sale Year Sales Price Adj. for Inflation Current Value
    William Bidwill 1932 $50,000.00 $847,000,000.00 $961,000,000.00
    Arthur Blank 2002 $545,000,000.00 $708,712,613.78 $933,000,000.00
    Stephen Ross 2008 $1,100,000,000.00 $1,194,353,963.08 $1,074,000,000.00

    As you can see above are a few representative NFL teams. The Cardinals undoubtedly gained the most in value of the three teams selected but you would have had to be around in 1932 to make that buy. And when adjusted for inflation (and deflation since that purchase was made during the Great Depression) that's only a real gain of $114,000,000 over 83 years, or 0.1373 mil per year.

    Upon closer inspection, Arthur Blank made out better year to year, making 194.4 mil over a 13 year span, or 14.95 mil year to year if I have it right. Meanwhile Stephen Ross, who also bought in 2002, bought much more expensively only to lose to the tune of 120 mil in real terms over the same time frame, making some wonder just what his next move (i.e. Case Coaching doesn't pan out) will be.

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    May I use your post to prove a point about Arthur Blank? After nearly 15 years,...and lemme change gears here. Some owners want Lombardis, some like Blank wanna make money not so much a trophy/gold/diamond laden ring. Thanks man, you've proved a suspicion I've had about the only,...I better not say that.

    William Bidwell was a character. You, Gunder, must be an old man to remember him.

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