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Good thing you didn't say pussies given the picture
hahaha WELL,...lemme say this right hearah. Imagination is a wonderful thing and her assets more than likely wouldn't deter a red blooded,...oh, did you hear about the Falcons?

Reminds of the old days on message boards and peeps would post porn, get banned immediately,...dang,...being part French, well ya know we French think the female body is an art form. ahem and I'm a GD good looking man too(from Modern Problems, Chevy Chase).

Well there it is,...this thread was about the Panthers franchise, after all this time decide to place new sod down??? Players were slipping during warmups,...Seahawks players were ALL changing they cleats into the 1st qtr. Funny Panthers players already had hey long cleats on. Too late,...14-0,...what made it 14-0 was a slip by the Hawks WR causing the pick 6. Anyway,...the game was over right then and there.

The media is building up the Brady/Manning thing again,...AGAIN! The game in Charlotte will be one to watch, guaranteed.