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Thread: Matty Ice sets passing record,...4,591

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    Matty Ice sets passing record,...4,591

    Doesn't matter if you're Michael Vick, Matt Schaub, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, the Mannings, it don't matter how great you are at quarterbacking if your team doesn't have a good defense, and if your team doesn't have an average O-line nor a good run game you will not succeed in the NFL. Every team playing in conference championships has good defense and good O-lines with good running games, perhaps not so much the Patriots run game.

    In that *light* might I say that MattRyan is the first and only QB in NFL history to record (4) consecutive seasons of 4,500 yds while completing 66.0+ % of his throws each of those four seasons. (2012-15) Now let's talk about the fans, know, the people who buy tickets, jerseys and post on message boards. Guess this is when I get in trouble,...brought it on but people must not realize what Matt Ryan has been forced to endure. Younger fans don't know what Steve Bartkowski endured, it don't matter I guess. Then there's today's Panthers fans,...

    I remember 1996 so well and nothing has changed with these people. The second year of existence, thanks to the NFL giving the Jags and Panthers special favor in acquiring players, both teams nearly went to a Super Bowl. But what amazed me was Panthers fans acting like they were, how they are now, ELITE or something. On the old Progidy boards, one of the first message board sites, Panthers fans cuddled up to Niner fans and treated Falcons fans like homeless people when lots of us were happy to see the Panthers beat the hated Niners, and in fact appreciated the Panthers opening the door for the Falcons to finally slay that giant, that **ing dynasty, to finally end they winning ways in 1998.

    Last week it was sooooo humorous to read Panthers fans worried about the Seahawks. And may I say Tony Dungee/Skeletor is an idiot with a Super Bowl ring, saying the Hawks have a better defense than the Panthers. It is equally funny reading Panthers fans complaining about the attempted comeback by the Hawks. Goodness people your team is 16-1,...c'mon man. Another thing is they still question Riverboat Ron's application of the game in the second half? hmmmm,...need a golden rope or something? Here you are 16-1 and the NFL Network shows how awful your team is in the second half? Told ya'll,...the media will bail on the Panthers given the chance, albeit Newton is a shoo in for MVP.

    The Panthers are early 3 point faves,...

    It's like being on a precipice for some football fans, slip and you're a side note of a lost season,...scary isn't it?

    Ask Vikings fans about all that.

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    Another year with Shannahan and he won't be a good back up
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