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Thread: The Sunday games

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    The Sunday games

    It was obvious the league threatened the 4 teams playing on Sunday not to play their usual prison ball, and it almost cost the seahags the game. We will see it completely throw Carolina out of their element and do not stand a chance without thug ball.
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    had the same thought about a month ago. It took until week #14 in New Jersey until the media amazingly recognized the way Charlotte was playing the game. Taunting, trash talk to the supreme as they dominated teams especially in September and October. In New Jersey the Giants players, especially one, had enough of their BS and lost a paycheck to end the season,...suspended. I won't be nice here,...I despise Cameron Newton and hopes he walks down HELL'S roadway,...and I'll walk him down that rocky road so his soul burns for eternity while I laugh throwing him a bottle of Gatorade. Ron RIVERBOAT Rivera has spawned a wicked, sickly in yo face team BUT!!!! That's what it takes in the NFL to win, being the biggest THUGS in the league.

    I miss the days when the thugs, like in Oakland, were the class of the league but were open and honest admitting they were THUGS.

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