As they say around here,...THERE IT IS!!!.

So the Rams will play the 2016 regular season at the old LA Coliseum,...dam if that don't bring back memories and not many good ones from a long time ago.

Great, juuuuuuuust great,...that makes 4 away games wayyyyyy out West, at Seattle, Denver, Oakland and now the new/old LA Rams.

In his NFL Ivory Tower, in New York City the schedule making antichrist is wringing his hands with an evil, lustful grin cause this is a delicious time to schedule the Falcons two maybe three straight away games out West. There it is,...away games in December at Denver and Seattle or Philadelphia. hehehehe I'll get those dome teams like I did in 2015 hehehehe even got them Cowboys

Anyway it'll be nostalgic watching the Rams/Falcons play in a stadium that's older than a large percentage of NFL fans. In the old days the Rams wore they white jerseys, pants with that classic, beautiful blue helmet with the white horns when playing at home. It'd be nice if they did a throwback thingie and the Falcons wore they beautiful red helmets/jerseys, in the pic above.

Chargers fans are breathing sigh of relief this morning. Ya'll don't wanna get near a Rams message board, I promise. The St. Louis media is calling the Rams owner, a Missouri native, a Benedict Arnold. But people miss something,...That area of the nation is in severe decline socially, politically. Funny when one might consider Los Angeles a safer place than St. Louis.

So next season will be interesting, all those 6 or 7 hour flights,...imagine the cost of flying 70 players, 30 coaches, 20 staffers, the owner,...his new wife, all the shoulder pads, helmets, jock straps, Gatorade towels for Matt Ryan, nahhhh that'd be Cammy's signature.