They'll be buses bringing all ya'll Saints fans as usual. Ya'll be riding eastbound on I-20 for about 5 hours, getting drunk and making the driver wish he'd taken another job. The memories of Saints fans have always been good. They're all drunk, happy types but sometimes they go too far and I've seen them get they ass beat.

In the old days Saints fans hated the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium cause this time of year it tends to get cold. But they were so juiced it didn't matter. Memories of tailgating and having Saints fans come up and actually ask for food,...we gave them the chicken but they didn't get no steak and seafood. Maybe ONE beer,...but overall ya'll are so much fun.

We had more Panthers fans in the GA Dome than Falcons fans last Sunday. They all lost they voice, none of them still can't talk to this day. So all ya'll Saints fans make some noise! Throw yo throat out too.

No playoff implications makes for a clean, solid football game,...yeah right. Anytime these teams meet no one can predict anything.