Well, Brady is going to visit Miami again. Tom has played 67 games so far against AFC East opponents and has only lost 17 times. Unfortunately on eight (8) of those occasions he's lost against the Fins. Yep, he brought NWE out of Bledsoe's cellar starting in 2001 (when they won the Super Bowl) but lost his very first game in Miami. And his second in 2002. He did manage an O/T W in '03 (in what later came to be another Super season) but went back to losing in 2004. And 2005 was no different. Are you with me so far - I'm at 4 L's.

But the Fins were just getting started on Brady. Never to stand Pat, they LOST one each from 2008-9 and then they got away up 'til 2013 when R/T and Fin's dear departed Coach Philbin beat them late in the season. Then they came back to Miami and on Sept. 7th - just in time for Yours Truly to celebrate a birthday - lost to them again, prompting the pic below.


All this has not gone easy on Brady