Of course you had to leave Jarvis Landry off your list.
He had most catches thru two seasons in NFL history.

Reshad Jones was outspoken since training camp about his goal of earning his first Pro Bowl berth this season, and so far has 124 tackles and 5 interceptions, two of which are P-6's. Compared to the three strong safeties who did make the Pro Bowl,

  • Eric Berry has 58 tackles, 2 interceptions,
  • Chancellor has 74 tackles, 2 interceptions and
  • Charles Woodson has 65 tackles, 4 INTs

and so with double the productivity of these guys on average, how is Reshad Jones just an alternate to them? And Suh was also named an alternate, had been asked three times about his omission, and each time his only response was, Next question?