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Thread: The precipitators

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    The precipitators

    Well this season has been fun. Starting out with five straight wins,...beating the eagles, giants, cowboys, redskins was soooooooo sweet. Y'all see,...the falcs swept the NFC East but so did the impressive Panthers. That be why some think the NFC East is a mediocre division. The falcs were undefeated entering week six, traveled to Nawlins and those voo doo peeps ruined the season. Falcons fans agree that prime time game was eerily similar to the Katrina bowl. Nuthu words the game was a sham, hell both games were shammish. More to come but man, would be nice to have a winning season even not making the playoffs.

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    Precipitators? In Miami they call that Making it Rain. N.F.C. East is the N.F.L.'s oldest and richest division by far. By the Falcons/Panthers wiping them all out 8-0 this disproves those who say big money wins games.

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