whew what a game. Just some observations,...first off the dropped passes. 5 dropped passes, 3 of them would've been 1st downs.

Now I know why the Panthers have scored over 30 points a game the last 6 games,...and just like I said about the 1998 Falcons who appeared in SB 38,...the O-line was allowed to HOLD on virtually every play and I think linemen sense this and take advantage of this referee perception-thingie. This will catch up to the Panthers just as it did the Falcons.

The Roddy White incident indeed kept the Falcons first drive alive allowing a 7-7 tie early in the game. But Roddy plays football and was just blocking and TILLMAN, ya know one of those washed up old timers the Panthers have on the roster?,...Tillman thought he was Josh Norman apparently. People don't realize how this is teached to Panthers players,...to always TAUNT and get in the minds of the opposing offense. It gave the Falcons a 1st down and a subsequent TD tying the game.

Matt Ryan was magnificent. PERIOD all you idiots wanting him traded.

Terrell Owens/Scam Newton waved off Matt Ryan after the game,...ran right by Ryan ON PURPOSE and ignored the usual sportsmanship that NFL QBs afford to their fellow competitors,...**** newton,...he's a little BOY. A spoiled little baby BOY raised by his tittie mommy.

Finally,...I have lost a ton of respect for that franchise after all the stuff they've done. Riverboat JOHN is a joke,...a pure administrator who doesn't care what his team does as long as they win,...just win baby!

The dropped passes, two easy INTs dropped,...the Falcons should've blown this lucky, fake NFL team, OUT! Oh yeah the Falcons had TWO messed up snaps one a turnover and if ya take all those BS mistakes away the Falcons ROUT the panties.

As someone here said,...and I won't name him but he's Elijah,...the playoffs expose a team's weaknesses. No wait a minute I said that. The Panthers Super Bowl aspirations took a dive today, exposing a weak QB and an aging roster.