Was checking one of the more active Falcons message boards and I had to sit back in my chair and laugh. Now they wanna sign,...center Alex Mack, give him a huge contract and continue watching the Falcons continue wallowing in mediocrity.

But what's funny is back in the Spring of 2009 I was begging the Falcons to trade up and snatch Mack as a rookie. Instead they traded a 2nd round pick for a washed up Tony Gonzales. Instead of building an O-line the Falcons ruined their run game with a TE who couldn't run block, essentially a WR and manned the line with marginal players and the run game diminished. This when I get in trouble with fellow Falcons fans who apparently have no memories.

I was pretty much the lone wolf howling Gonzales would never lead the Falcons to a Super Bowl as all of them were squawking he would. Well, got close in 2012 but Gonzo turned into the invisible man in the Conference championship game then promptly retired.

Oh well, it's just funny to me,...they wanning an old, washed up center. Oh all the wasted years, but hey, I admit Mack would be a serious upgrade. Oh one last thing, the Falcons could've drafted the other fine center Springtime 2009, Max Unger,...but nope, they did a little deal with the Chiefs to acquire a player that could've been traded with a 4th round pick.