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Thread: So You Got O/L Problems?

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    So You Got O/L Problems?

    James would be sidelined with a stinger

    5 of 30 is really abysmal as a completion percentage. A QB in college or N.F.L. would never get to start again after being like that, but that's exactly what the Fin's three first-round draft picks did together for the past two seasons. They only started five of thirty games! That's right all first-round picks -- Branden Albert, Mike Pouncey and Ja'Wuan James -- only started together in 5 of the last thirty Dolphins games. Their captions tell us why.

    Branden Albert 15th pick, 2008

    Mike Pouncey still made the Pro Bowl this season
    Lames (right) was Dolphin's 19th pick of the 2014 first round

    In their place the Fins put up rookies and below-average players, that's how Ryan Tannehill went to work for 25 of the last 30 games.

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    Injuries are one thing but the other thing is expecting the front 5 to remain healthy while neglecting staffing capable backups. What the deal is that every team in the NFL doesn't have the cap money to carry liable backups on the O-line. Some teams like the Falcons don't even care if slender man or anyone else starts to save money for the QB and WR making zillions.

    But,...there are teams like the Boys who focused on the O-line in the draft, have Pro Bowl players and still are losing albeit w/o they starting QB. Guess it's like a stew.

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