The Panthers are 7 point faves @

There's a couple games with 10 point+ spreads,...amazing. Sorry,...I'm easily amazed. Well, my theorem is at test.

I contend every NFL roster has the talent to win games and all that stuff. Football at this level has so many dynamics that have to work in unison. Did that make sense? Everything from dealing with 60 players and their problems to making sure the fan base is happy? Sounds like a nursing home to me.

Our beloved Falcons found a foothold last Sunday. BUT!!!!! The Panthers wish to be undefeated in 2015,...and that's Rivera,...Riverboat Rivera. I assure everyone the Panthers are desirous to top the 38-0 ass whippin they put on the Crows less than 2 weeks ago. Remember,...the Panthers are no humble bunch in the midst of NFL greatness. But the Seahawks, Ravens enjoyed success being thugs, so there ya go.

So, if my thinking is right the Falcons play well Sunday but there's no way I'd wager @ 7 points. If it were 10 or higher(which it should be after 38-0), yeah a safe bet. So just thinking,...why isn't the point spread higher,...uh oh.