Last time San Diego visited Miami we clocked them even worse.

Give the Fins credit they played a tough game in Miami to save their season last week, well Monday night. So they had a day missing from practice to get ready for San Diego, actually more than a day late, and they left part of Friday for the trip to the West Coast. One of the Phins linemen who was released last week, signed onto San Diego and probably told them the Offensive line schemes. If you'd watched any of it, then you could see how the Fin O/L collapsed.

Miami lost all their starting, first round linemen to injury and were down to none in reserve. Probably one of their D/T's would have to fill in the gap if the line takes a similar hit when Indy comes to town. I don't look for the Colts to win this weekend, but that's far from the main issue right now.

Even if the Fins show up there's probably going to be 80% empty orange seats in the stadium during the second half of that game. Miami has the absolutely worst attendance of all the N.F.L. You saw more extinct fans in San-Diego's stadium than ever would be in Sun-Life, and that's a team moving to Los Angeles next season. I guess their stadium will be converted for Mexican soccer.

The Fins rookie WR, Parker, looked great in the second half.