Through all the niceness going 5-0 to the intolerable 6 game losing streak one guy, well actually two guys, have been special this season.

Julio Jones needs 27 receptions to break Marvin Harrison's record of 143 catches in a season. Julio has 116 receptions with 2 games left. It won't happen but he might get close. And that's alllll Matt Ryan,...well make it three guys adding Kyle Shanahan.

Julio has been the #1 target all season and why not? He's the best receiver on the team with regards to the washed up Roddy White. The Falcons don't have a serious tight end as a threat with regards to the washed up Tamme.

Some Falcons were bitchin bout Ryan having completions to only two receivers until there was 6 minutes left in the game yesterday. Well, for one thing Shanny JR committed to the run yesterday,...amazing the guy listened to me for a change.

Julio is a beast no doubt and given the woes of the Falcons O-line these stats prove Ryan's worth and in the NFL ya keep feeding the beast.