That year the Jags went to a Conference Championship. Thanks to a missed field goal. It's funny, VERY funny Jags fans whom were not born at that time are infantile to a high degree. They don't even know who was the great QB and RB back in that day,...anyways.

In '96' the 3-12 Falcons visited the Jags. June Jones? remember him? Jones offense was the red gun/run and shoot/type bullshit that is now used by perennial Super Bowl winner, the Patriots. No one wants to admit that,...I just did.

It was a close game and the Falcons sprung a big gainer close to end of the game,...down to the 2 yard line. June Jones could've tried to score the TD or kick the FG to win the game with 3 seconds left. Hell, was like an extra point try, so yeah kick it to win the game. Morten Andersen, a HOF kicker jobbed his toe in the ground and missed that FG attempt propelling the Jaguars into the playoffs in their 2nd year of existence. Funny,...both the Jags and Panthers almost made it to the Super Bowl that season.

The next year the Falcons went to Jacksonville in a preseason game and there was a banner, a large banner. It read,...SHANK YOU MORTEN

I love people with humor in they heart.