I had forgotten this year back when I was a kid,...ahem. David Archer was a *running QB* had a great tight end, fine O-line and a capable defense. Injuries at WR and on the defense was a disease. Thank you for reminding me of that ****** up season.

That season the Falcons were 4-0 looking like a serious contender beating the Cowboys at home. Lost to the damned iggles 16-0, a team very much like the Saints.

That season, like this season the Falcons beat some fine teams to start 4-0 in each season. But the story has no happy ending, even back in 1986. Back then the Falcons had a fine O-line, a running QB and a capable defense. The games lost were never blowouts but they wound up 7-8-1, playing good football. But battling the NFL empire,...nahhh I ain't gonna go there, it was a different era nobody wants to hear bout.

Back in 1986 the Falcons started 5-1 then finished 7-8-1,...that tie was with the powerful Niners and it was a good thing the Falcons got out with a tie cause the as usual the refs had been paid off.

If ya could transport like in time travel,...put that 1986 O-line in front of Matt Ryan like a time swap, and Ryan would be in Hall Of Famer territory. From 1985 to 1999 the Falcons had some of the best O-lines in the NFL. During those seasons the Falcons didn't have the QB to enjoy that luxury.

I repeat,...since 2000,...the Falcons franchise has ignored the O-line in the draft and FAngency.