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Thread: Playoff thoughts heading into the Bears game

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    I agree with all your thoughts Hyper. The season has been a success. They're in the playoffs but you really don't know when is the next time they will be back so they have to make the most of it. I think the Vikings have a good shot at beating the Seattle.

    Somehow the Rams have had the Seahawks' number over the past few years. They beat them twice this year. If they can beat them why can't the Vikings? The Vikings and Rams are very similar in makeup ... strong aggressive defenses, powerful running games and weak passing games. The Vikings actually have an all around better team than the Rams so ...

    In addition, the the Seahawks will see a Viking different defense this time around ... Linval Joseph, Andrew Sandejo, Anthony Barr and Harrison Smith will hopefully play the entire game this time around. Seattle will have Marshawn Lynch back but how much better can he do than Thomas Rawls did the last time they met ... 19 rushes for 101 yards, 1 TD and 3 receptions for 22 yards.

    Furthermore, I don't see the frigid temperatures effecting the Vikings offense as much as the Seahawks. The Seahawks have a good passing game, the Vikings do not. The cold temperatures will help limit the effectiveness of Seattle's passing attack. It will effect the Vikings' passing attack also but can they actually have less passing yards than the had last week ... 99 yards?

    Lastly, not that the Vikings need more motivation, but they opened up as 7 point underdogs at home ... what a slap in the face. They really don't get much respect even after finishing with an 11-5 record.

    Look I don't know if the Vikings are going to win on Sunday but you could certainly make a case for them to pull off the upset.

    Vikings 17 - 13.

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    It has been a successful season and a lot of the credit goes to coach Zimmer and his staff. If our season is to go on any further the coaching staff is going to need to have a good game plan today. Seattle is a very good team that knows what it takes to win at this time of year. We are a very good team learning what it takes to win at this time of year.

    Lynch had a set back and did not get on the plane to Minnesota. Normally I would be saying this is good news but it didn't work so well the last time we played. Also, Rawls back-up rushed for 102 yards against Arizona last week. So does Seattle have a three headed monster at running back or did Arizona mail it in last week. We'll find out today.

    It certainly won't be easy today but the Vikings can win this game if they can keep it close. 17-13 seems about right.

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