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Thread: Ya see,'s a process

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    Ya see,'s a process

    Daniel Quinn sounds just like Mike Smith. I dunno what does this sound like?

    "(Knowing) the belief I have in the system and players when it get challenged, I'm as motivated to get our football right as I've ever been in my entire life," he said, "and I can't wait to get back out here with this team. ... It tests you in certain ways to make sure you want to play the exact style that the club envisioned that it'd have. So when you don't, man, it tests you. I know what we're capable of playing like, so when we don't—yeah, it digs at you hard. And that's why I'm so anxious to get back out there with them."

    Ya know,...I could break that crap down, line by line and this guy,...hahaha the exact STYLE that the club envisioned? This don't sound good to me. I do believe Dan Quinn is another "player's coach" just like the last two Falcons coaches, Jim Mora and Mike Smith. Just like the owner who must have a feely goody head coach I dunno. Remember Arthur Blank ran the old school boy Dan Reeves off before the end of the 2003 season?

    And recall after a 5-0 start Quinn was quickly said to be NFL Coach of the year. But that quote above, I don't know man. It seems like he's saying screw ya'll, I have this plan and just leave me alone instead of identifying the problem,...which just might be he's the administrator of a losing football franchise CAUSE THEY AIN'T REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT A WINNING LEGACY,...FREAKING EVER!

    Mike Smith for four years talked about the process. pfffft the freaking process

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    Well at least here's still a process left. The flowers are already in the punchbowl for the Fins and their fans. Yule most likely come around to avenge antics like those Superman stints, the ref's could call a penalty. Meanwhile I'll be waiting for Fournette. He's from St. Augustine, FL.

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