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    3481,...THREE THOUSAND yards passing with 4 games left? and <sigh> people are talking about canning Matty Slush.

    Why do I even read these idiots' posts? whew okay

    They insist the O-line isn't the problem, it isn't Shanahan's play calls/offensive philosophy, no excuses playing in an offensive system he's never played in but it's all Matty Slush's fault.

    I suggest Kyle Shanahan is the problem with the Falcons offense.

    The Falcons caught everyone off guard to start the season, sweeping the NFC East. hahaha The schedule makers, as Jett posted, screwed up setting up the Falcons, backfired huge. But hey Jett,...they got em back having to face the Panthers in a matter of 2 weeks this month,...yikes.

    Anyways,...there's been some curious play calls at times during games such as,...trying to set up the run by passing early. I see the merit but I don't see the positive result every time Shanny tries it. Then on the other side of the coin Shanny desires to run the ball stubbornly when there's 8 defenders in the box? If anyone has noticed, back in 2008 til 2014 Matt Ryan could change the play,...he's not able to change any play under Shanny and to boot Ryan is forced to attempt completing a pass to a #1 LOOK. After that?,...the poor bastard is on his own.

    To end the game last Sunday with that INT,...the receiver said "it wasn't going to me." That's ridiculous any NFL receiver running a route doesn't think the ball *might* be thrown to him. That is coaching and Lol to me this is not even funny. The Falcons former O-coordinator in Tampa embarrassed Kyle Shanahan last Sunday.

    Good GAWD man!!!!!!!!!! Even my dumb butt felt the Falcons offense, this year, would be alright and said the defense would be better by default since it sucked so badly in 2014. But to see this offense screw up so much at critical times is,...coaching. Don't put Ryan in a situation where he's running for his freaking life! GEESH! Set the plays up with the run,...awww man,...wasting me breath.

    Matt Ryan will have 4000 yards passing in a year and whatever ya'll think it's impressive given the CRAP he has to go through playing for the Falcons.

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    If they fire Shanny on account of calling all these excessive pass-plays, then he can join Laser and Schotty in watching the N.F.L. games on T.V. Just for fun I checked the pass attempts per game and Atl is #7 highest.

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    So far is ranked #1 The 2192 is his total punt yardage, and the Falcons are way down in that respect. The most punt yardage leader Johnny Hekker has about 50% more total yards than Bosher, that's a little more than Slushy right now.
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