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Thread: Here on Monday Nite

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    Here on Monday Nite

    Since the N.F.L. started it in 1970, no team has appeared in M.N.F. more often than the Dolphins. The game against the New York Giants next week will be the Dolphins’ 82nd Edition. The Cowboys are second to the Dolphins with 76 appearances. While the Fins haven’t had as much success recently, they still maintain a 41-40 M.N.F. record thanks in large part to wins in the first seven nights, beginning with a 20-7 victory at Atlanta in 1970 all the way through a 24-3 victory against Cincinnati in 1974.

    Voted by fans as the best ever was the "Monday Night Miracle," as the Dolphins watched the Tuna/Testaverde Jets erase a 30-7 deficit early in the fourth quarter to come back, 40-37. That was the highest-scoring game the Dolphins have ever played on MNF; the lowest-scoring affair was a 3-0 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007 with #34 injured in the rain and mud at Heinz Field.

    The Fins won their last Monday night game, beating the Jets 16-13 at MetLife last season, snapping a five-game losing streak on MNF. Their previous victory on Monday night also was against the Jets, a thrilling 31-27 decision in 2009 when Ronnie Brown scored the game-winning touchdown with 6 seconds left in the fourth quarter.
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    That 20-7 win on MNF over the Falcons was a very strange game. That was 1970,...barely a kid I was.

    Next week's game, watch out,...they were saying just today how Manning goes, so go the gints. 41-40,...that's cool.

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    May as well open a brew and enjoy a Fins W. Miami is 5-2 out of their division compared to NY's paltry 3-4, plus they're at home.

    Dolphins aficionados will also enjoy the Top-50 Fins players halftime show. Will Brent Grimes be a chosen one?

    More bad news for the Giants who lost 4 of their last 5 and seem to choke: one of their former Defensive Linemen

    - former 3rd rounder, Damontre Moore, is on the Fins Front

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