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Thread: Tough Win

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    Tough Win

    I think we have an interesting couple of games, this last one and the next that will feature the G-Men visiting Monday night. In each game the Fins faced another division's hard-luck team, each one having the same record. The Ravens came into Sun Life with a 4-7, outscored and outplayed the Fins for all but twenty seconds, and still lost. How do you do that?

    The Ravens, who also employ a run-oriented W.C.O. and a tough D, were at a disadvantage to the Fins from the time they beat the Cleveland Browns in was a hard fought, exhilarating game. The T.O.P and T.Y. for each team were within a tick of each other though in the 2nd Q Baltimore lead 17-3. Browns then score 17 unanswered, capped by a Karlos Dansby P-6. McCown was in for no picnic either, he finally became so roughed up by the 4rd Q that he couldn't function. So their 3rd QB Austin Davis, came off the bench and threw two great passes catching them 27 all and right after that Schaub was intercepted again.

    The Browns moved a little closer and poised themselves for the game-winning F.G. at the Raven 33 and with no more than 3 seconds left, the kick was blocked and returned by Will Hill for a Raven's TD. This was their second divisional matchup, after the Browns won the first in Baltimore by 33-30 in O.T. So they were pretty damn happy to split with a W still mathematically alive.

    G-men were in a similar station yesterday in their latest occasion with the Jets, this time squandering a lead. They let the Jets tie and came out on the short end of a F.G. duel in O.T. In this game R/F actually did outplay one of the game's premier QB's. The Giants are an official tossup, they say, against Fins for December 14th. With even more Fire Tom Coughlin talk than there had been about Philbin six weeks ago. That suits Dan Campbell fine, who seems to thrive on lending adversity to other teams..
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