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Thread: He said US Soccer disappointed by Blatter's re-election said

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    He said US Soccer disappointed by Blatter's re-election said

    Sunil Gulati, president of the Football Association of the United States that he was not satisfied with Sepp Blatter returned as President of fifa 16 coins, but added that the country will continue to press for change in troubled organization.Blatter, who was president of FIFA from 1998 and was re-elected for five hours before long, got a lot of votes in spite of the scandal and allegations. US Soccer President Sunil Gulati said While we are disappointed with the results of the election, and we will continue to press for real change within the targeted FIFA's rule statement.

    Our responsible and accountable and transparency of FIFA and focus only on the interest of the game. I went to vote in the second round after any access to the majority of votes a candidate in the first place. He received a leader for a long time 133 votes and his rival 73.The aged 79 years with him in the eye of the storm and many want him to step down after the scandal that resulted in many officers star hotel.Gulati five, which confirmed and said support Prince Ali during the election before arrest change in football what it needs and deserves, and people who love the games we have about global demand. He added that we have hope (Blatter) has made reform his number one priority to ensure the safety of the sport world.

    After win for the fifth time, the president pledged to make changes and accused clean image federation.The US Justice senior executive football and corruption section. Now two options for the finals of the next World Cup, said on air after some of Qatar bribe their way to winning the bid. And also asked cup as the last edition in 2010 and last year. Succeeded in the world the horrible side to host the World Cup 2022 CupsQatar controversial topic since it was chosen again in 2010. Some will say bribe officials in the country to obtain the necessary votes to win the tender. It has also caused controversy because it choose not to prepare the country for an event of this magnitude. Moreover, and extreme temperatures are not perfect, and make changes to this event date football players can perform in temperatures.

    Hosted in the United States, which FIFA Coin went against Blatter, the last of the major events of 1994, and expressed their desire to host again in 2026. It was officially attempt introduced.Alexi Wallace, who was 96 Thank USMNT us 13 years ahead of the meeting, and I do not think that the position of the United States against the current president will affect the next bid.He believe that the money that the World Cup will bring to the United States big enough for them to think at least this topic. Even after the vote against the leader for a long time. Lalas told Reuters it comes to dollars and cents less, nothing is going to make as much as the World Cup finals in the United States. You have a moment, take this sudden wealth, and will look good. The history and the memory of those who voted in favor of those that can take a back seat to the extent that the possibility of producing a large amount of money.Right after his choice, showed his support for Blatter, Oceania, and had some good things to say about it.

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    Europe is a corrupt mess as is latin America, india, china and the Mideast.

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