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Thread: Matty Slushie under fire

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    Matty Slushie under fire

    Not being an expert but just observing things it appears Matty Slush, as the media calls him, has a problem this season.

    Let's get this straight all you idiots in the media,...Ryan has never played QB in the West Coast Offense, ever, ever in how scrool, not in college at Boston College and not with the Falcons for SEVEN years, okay idiots? I wondered last Spring how Ryan would play in a system he's never performed and apparently the boy is struggling with Kyle Shanahan's scheme.

    The Vikings said they knew Ryan had only one read every pass play, one because Shanny's passing game targets the primary read only and two the Vikings knew Ryan wouldn't have time for a second read. Ryan does not have time for a second read period.

    Kyle Shanahan's WCO is the classic Bill Walsh offense. His Daddy took that offense to Denver after backstabbing Dan Reeves and had it morphed with Alex Gibbs and his slant blocking scheme. Gibbs brought that blocking scheme to Atlanta during the Vick era. Kyle goes back to the original WCO blocking scheme with pulling guards primarily and a prominent blocking fullback. Note the Falcons FB is probably a Pro Bowler. Thus the Falcons have enjoyed more success running the ball in the last three years.

    Remember Jerry Rice, John Taylor? It was like choose your poison? The Falcons offense has no John Taylor. Kyle has tried to make the running back the second receiver and it's worked statistically. But back to Matty.

    Matty has only one read, his primary target and oh yeah, the WCO pass patterns are a little different but we see there's very few pass attempts deep and when there are it's like Ryan has to get it out so fast the pass isn't accurate.

    One last thing,...Bill Walsh's offenses had awesome O-lines, so did the Elway-era Broncos. Many HOFamers,...wonder how many 2015 Falcons O-linemen make the Pro Bowl this season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penumbra View Post
    Not being an expert...
    Seems like a sound explanation to me. R/T was groomed under the W.C.O. and after four years starting is no better at reads than Ice is!

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