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Thread: NFL is fixed

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    NFL is fixed

    You're not Patriots fans who are spoiled with Super Bowl wins, playoff wins, regular season wins. You're not a fan of Amurica's team nor a demented iggles fan. You're not from Greely, CO expecting the Broncos to win every game. Oh no,'re a Falcons fan? You piece of shit you. Even we Jets fans look down on your ass.

    Good gawd, you Titans fans are hated,'s the deal. It has come a time when we can't speak the truth. But hey,...this man will speak the god dAMNED truth.

    The NFL is fixed. Just like in the 50's, 60's, 70's and especially the 80's the NFL officials make sure which teams succeed. Sometimes a team like the 70's Dolphins and the Saints when they won a Super Bowl,...when the Bucs won they Super Bowl, always goes back to the predicted seeds to win all the MONEY.

    The Steelers, Pats, Seahawks, Ravens, Cowboys, Giants, Jets are favorite sons and the rest of us have QUIT spending money on the NFL cause it's clear everything is fixed all to be damned.

    Enjoy Panthers fans, will pass very quickly.
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