Dan Campbell, who is 6'5" and 270 lbs., readies the Ole Kiss of Death for B.L.

This is a belated move in the making since the demise of the Dolphins under our previous Coach, and designed to smooth he transition for the Interim. Laser did great with Nicky Foles in Philly, his QBR went almost to 120 for the entire season. Since they've parted ways, Foles has performed no better than R/T. People sometimes just work well together and put the same peeps on different situations, and all that chemistry or whatever is get up and gone.

I could have put this whole situation entirely different, saying instead that Lazor/Foles perfected an innovative W.C.O. in 2013 much like Tony Sparano had done with Brown & Williams back in '08, right? Well... No. Tannehill/Lazor is more of a personality conflict. R/T couldn't audible under Lazor, who flatly said he didn't think Ryan can handle that kind of thing. Or maybe Lazor couldn't handle the added responsibility brought on with being a coordinator?

The Fins' were going nowhere with the rest of his spiel, particularly with much of the game strategy of late, the at times imbecilic play-calls.