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Thread: Up the Jets

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    Up the Jets

    In 2007 you could by the classy orange #34 for only $5 right off of the Dolphins apparel site. A lot of fans, mostly women, look damn nice wearing their little #23. A lot of fans still sport a Ginn Jr. jersey.

    The issue here leads to whether or not the Fins can win despite R/T's horrible performance in divisional games. If the coaches can find a way to minimize his role then it's believed he will actually play better, so the team may be spared from elimination another week. That's the good part.

    The bad part is Fins fans can forget about R/T or maybe even Laser being here next year if they lose up there. Sure, that may serve to be short term inspiration to Laser and R/T but alas, the less of we get of R/T the better our chances become. Why is this, you ask?

    Well R/T has engineered, if you can call it that, a W in less than a third of the Fin's divisional games and he's played particularly bad in the last Jet game. One of our highest salaried players, and he has to be treated as a virtual liability.

    Last year, R/T appeared to be climbing into the upper-echelon of quarterbacks. His 92.8 rating was 14th. He threw for 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. So far this season, his 89.4 rating is 20th. Through 10 games he’s at a 62.8% completion rate, ranked 20th, while he was 66.4%, fifth-best in the league last year. This year we also know he’s guaranteed to get $9.6 million next year and $3.5 million of his '17 salary becomes valid as of this coming March.

    Either Dolphins would have to pay him $18 million in 2017, or cut him and still have a cap hit of more than $10 million because the bonus/guarantee that kicks in. For Fins fans, the #17 jersey could be on sale already http://www.jerseysrocks.cc/nike-dolp...y-p-20888.html

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    From what I heard over the radio, Griese said the Fins had a good comeback perch when the made that TD at 7-21 in the 3rd Qtr. We've come back from that before. In the subsequent series its 3rd and long with Grimes against ex-Fins WR Brandon Marshal, who is 6-4". He reels in a 44-yd Fitz pass and later gets the TD on a fade over Grimes, making it 7-28. Then R/T went back to playing games. Laser called all but a few running plays through the whole damn game probably to save face. Like 12 rushing yards total by the 4th Q.

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