Remember the draft in 2008? Recall Falcons fans split whether to draft Glenn Dorsey or Matt Ryan? Also recall the opinions were pretty much along racial lines? Ya'll know who Terrence Moore is, right? He's been on NFL Films like he's some kind of expert when in fact he's an activist. He said before that draft and I quote T-Mo,..."Glenn Dorsey will be the next Warren Sapp."

How does this guy have any credibility? Is it just cause he's black? Moore is the fool, as a writer for the AJC(owned by the NYTimes), wrote this about the Falcons in 1998 when Atlanta finally beat the Niners regular season game and were 6-2,..."send me a letter when the Falcons make the Super Bowl." T-Bone was saying that to Falcons fans thirsty for a winner, and got one albeit losing to Denver in SB33. But that alone would've crumbled anyone's career unless you're a token activist.

Warren Sapp has torn his ACL and has been in the league as long as Matt Ryan. Good luck to the former Chief now a Niner. And screw you Terrence MO. You and Matt Winklejohn should've stayed up north spewing your bs.