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Thread: Who Knows?

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    Who Knows?

    The Falcon offense is dead, Kyle Shanahan is a QB killer and muddy ice is failing in daddy's offense! Ryan has been off all season, passes short, behind receivers and is only in tune with times. He is in no way the caliber QB he was even a year ago, not having time has a lot to do with it but it's almost every throw!

    I see him being able to audible well to a pass and not be in sync with whoever he targets, it's almost like he's told to force throws as opposed to looking for a second or third target, again, when he has time. The O-line had not gelled and played better before they did "gel"

    AND as we saw, when a key starter goes down he has no back up plan, and no one else runs like Freeman so the blocking scheme has to change he wont do it, so if This gets to Mr. Blank who is going to be held accountable?
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    Been reading more and more people post that Ryan has become shell-shocked trying to throw behind awful lines the last 3 years. I'm starting to think that too.

    Great point made Jett,...when Freeman went out Quinn and Shanny said they didn't change anything,...and that's why the Falcons lost. Your big horse gets hurt and you expect a rookie to come in and perform as well?

    Blank, even though claiming he has no more control over football decisions, could be the problem,...but where are we gonna find another billionaire to own the Falcons?

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