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Thread: Unreliable sources

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    Unreliable sources

    Oh yes they do.

    Ya trust what comes out of the mouths of "reliable sources" when they are playing this game of misinformation for some reason.

    One of my reliable sources laughed when I asked him about the Falcons future hire of Quinn after he told me it would be the Pats guy. Believe me, my days of posting here and at a few other sites about this reliable info are done. We'll still be friends and what he said was telling,...that people read my posts at a high level in the NFL and think I'm smart and all that shit. But I was a dumbass on this subject and from now on will stick with the obvious, hang with facts I can see during games such as player/coach performance.

    IF, just if this hire is real?,...the Falcons defense will reflect the Hawks D in that they will run they mouth and be borderline if not undeniable thugs.

    BUT, the refs and NFL types come down hard on Falcons defenders when allowing the Hawks defenders to become famous and all that.

    It's halftime in Arizona, the longest halftime in all of the regular season and the playoffs.

    Quinn,...good luck buddy.

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    It gets really challenging to find good sources nowadays with this amount of information.

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