Nearing the end of the 4th Q. Not the day I'd hoped for, as the Bills clean a series sweep, ending what little playoff hopes Fin Fans may have endured. All that is sure to endure through this three-game road kill, are hopes for an 8-n-8 (.500) season record, about on par with Fin's previous performances.

In this game the Fins were imperiled by what they call game management, or lack thereof. Case in point: a nice 84-yard drive to end the first half as time ran out with the Fins still out on the 1-yards line; probably another point is the toll of penalties on the Fins, as a series early in the second quarter was made for the Bills courtesy of a QB-helmet hit which would've otherwise been a 15 yd. 2rd-down sack.

On other fronts, the end of game stats show Bills with even more penalties (13) and yards taken back (94) than the Fins, about 50% more. But that's all history.