hellooo? coming into this forum is like walking into a museum,...granite floors, archways with all kinds of Lombardis on gold pedastels,...and some kind of alter. hell that looks like the Ark of the Covenant. and I swear just saw the image of Bill Walsh above that there alter.

Oh well the barbarians are coming, remember us? For a long time we were in the NFC West by necessity if ya believe the NFL talking heads and for a loooong time the Niners dominated not just the Falcons but the Saints,...ummm the Rams too most times. The Panthers are old enough to say they were also in the NFC West once. The Panthers were the first team to de seat the Niners in 1996 was it? Then in 1998 the Falcons definitely closed nearly two decades of Niners dominance in that division,...then the Rams in 1999 and 2000, etc sealed it all.

But this is not your usual Niners team. In fact it's like who knows? A player calls out the thug QB, cappernick, and he gets traded so don't say anything the rest of you Niners or you'll be gone. Accept you have a freak of a QB who cannot pass effectively but can run for a 1st down. Relax cause we Falcons fans know your pain from the Vick days. And we Falcons fans have sincere sympathy for every team with a running QB because a team with a running QB has NEVER won a Super Bowl.

The weather is predicted to be nice Sunday. Sunday's game will be a reminder of the old days in a way. The good old days were many losses to the Niners in San Fran,...look for that scenario come Sunday,...the Falcons getting they asses BEAT in California just like the good ole days.