At times he is as good as ANYONE who ever played the position, and then we he is rushed, his timing is hampered along with his accuracy. Do we have a QB coach? I guess I'll check when I'm done with this

The last 2 years he only had time to deliver the ball, this year has been better at times there is decent protection. With that said he has had too many balls batted down when he wasn't under duress, one improvisation was very good throwing sidearm. He has not gotten out of the rhythm he had prior to Smiths last 2 years. I would see him make 4 reads at times. NOW, he seldom looks at his second receiver. Watching these games again I have seen him force the ball inplaces and Roddy would be wide open and he never looked at him..........may have been his 3rd read but open too many times and not even being targeted is beyond my comprehension. whooleo is the man no doubt, but Roddy is more a decoy than a receiver in shanhans package.