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Thread: Win the Patriots way!

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    Win the Patriots way!

    Falcons host the lowly Bucs Sunday so I have advice to Quinn and Shanahan,...CHEAT in the 1st qtr.!

    Do what the patriots do,...have the O-line hold at will,...Quinn make sure the D-backs grab and hold in coverage and you, Shanahan tell the O-linemen to release early on screen passes which'll give the receiver lots of open area to run after the catch,...illegally. Ya see guys, the refs never call penalties on the patriots in the 1st qtr. Oh yeah, they make up for it later in the game but by that time we'll be up 2 TDs. And by that time with that score the opposition has to change the game plan and then we have them! It'll make Quinn as smart as Belichick!

    What does the patriots offer to these cheating refs?,...pussy? money? crab legs/lobster/liquor? We know goodell parties with Jerry Johnson caught on film, on his private jet. Man,...wish I could be an NFL ref.
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