Here is the evil paranoid supposition, the schedule makers had Atlanta facing the NFC East in the first 5 games, so the powers that be figured they might go 1-4 or 2-5 at best Then the Falcons have a team with a new coach, first year head coach, and as bad as the Falcons were this season many had them written off of ANY potential playoff run. If this was intentional all I can say is what this emocon shows how I feel about it

So What can they do to stop this travesty, we have to promote Carolina, deservedly so I might add, but we also have to throw all kind of love to jamus so where they will get the Falcons, after what I have seen this year, certain teams can literally tackle defensemen, holding is always one sided and they way the rules are written there are no bad calls, just ask mike ferrerrer or what ever the officials back up refs name is. Then uses terms like...and I quote "the rules have been tweaked this year".

My point here is simple, there have been 2 games the Falcons not only won, they had to beat both the officials AND the opponent. Were approaching a stretch where conference games will be played, this is where officiating will insure the Falcons will lose. Particularly division games!

There was a mention by an announcer stated that "there has been an 80% turn over in officials this year