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Thread: Falcons fans dwell in Hell

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    Falcons fans dwell in Hell

    Falcons fans,...

    -always expecting the worse

    -suckers to the blame game

    -never satisfied even when it's been good for the last 8 years and finds the one guy who's to blame for making the Falcons offense a damn good, productive unit even when they were losing the last two years,...and blame him for 6-1?

    -even when given instant gratification, 6-1, must dwell in the depths of negativity blaming an established NFL QB who just so happens to own ALL the franchise records for freaking everything,...EXCEPT rush yards. LOLOL!!! I should say he owns all the records that reflect a winning NFL QB.

    Do you fools realize you're attracting negative energy to the point invoking KARMA??? I wanna cuss but damn ya'll for all this. Now I expect Matty Ice to flounder tomorrow just because of all the moaning and groaning and whining like widdle biddie babies. Star Wars and Yoda,...dismiss not the power of the Force. And as Metallica teaches, derives from both positive and negative. And what ya'll are doing is drawing bad stuff yo way,...and mine damn you.

    and, don't have to be lonely at IDIOTS

    Edit: this from a part time ESPN employee,..."he doesn't have the arm strength to fit passes into tight windows if he can't step into his throws." Speaking of Ryan,...soooooo, it's arm strength? Who agrees with that I dare wonder?
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