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Thread: Panthers will lose

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    Panthers will lose

    Firstly would like to say I don't unnerstand the unadulterated hatred between division opponents' fans. Surely it's a filter down type thing derived from player's sentiments towards division opponents but gawd it can be brutal. To me, I want the division I'm playing in to be the best, ya know, to be the best ya gotta beat the best like the evil empire in Mass. So I actually enjoy watching the Panthers be 6-0 and can't figure out the Saints losing and the Bucs rebuilding,...again.

    Not just here but on several general message boards I've witnessed Panthers fans recite the same mantra,...the Falcons are lucky to be 6-1. Say what fool? If anyone has been lucky it's the Panthers! They started the season facing the Jaguars then the Texans,...that's an easy start at 2-0. After 6 games the Panthers have faced teams with a cumulative total of 15 wins, after 7 so have the Falcons, so there's a little argument point, very little. The Falcons beat the NFC East in 3 straight games to start the season and swept that division while the Panthers have faced only the iggles from that division. Ohhh it'll be interesting to see how the Panthers do against the Boys, Skins and Giants.

    Granted it was a big win @ Seattle for the Pants but the Falcons will travel to San Fran in about 10 days, never an easy win historically for Atlanta. Falcons will host the Vikes and the Panthers luckily host the Packers, Colts, Skins. They beat the Saints in Charlotte and the iggles. Those lucky bastids.

    The Panthers D has allowed only one QB to pass over 300 yards(Brees). Panthers have 777 yards passing in the two games since their bye at 388 yd pg. The Falcons average over 400 yds passing a game, the Panthers average over 60 yd a game less in total yards than the Falcons each game so far. Both teams have great rushing attacks, another reason the teams are a combined 12-1.

    And see,...that's enjoyable to me seeing two teams dominating from our division and anticipating the bottleneck coming in December as those two games will decide the division winner, or a good chance anyway.

    Ya know,...sometimes ya have to ignore idiotic bias, unfounded hate and little rah rah cheerleaders of some teams. But when it comes to a point a majority of a team's fans are idiots, it almost makes one hate they freaking team a little. I don't like Newton cause he's an immature, coddled since birth baby boy with amazing talent. Panthers fans obviously are imitating they baby boy @QB and acting like it's all about me, me, me. But the Panthers have a for real D and special teams and Ron Rivera,...REMEMBER???? the guy all you Panthers fans idiots wanted to fire???????????????????? I told you idiots he's a damned good coach and ya'll were wanting him fired,...idiots.

    So okay ya wanna play? The panties are the luckiest 6-0 team in NFL HISTORY! hahahaha and ya'll wouldn't be saying the Falcons are lucky if they were 3-4 instead of 6-1. Feel threatened? You stepped in dawg poo if the panties start to stumble.
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