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Thread: After a 24-Point 2nd Qtr Swoon...

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    After a 24-Point 2nd Qtr Swoon...

    Make no mistake Miami is still the cellar-dweller of the AFC East. Their SRS is currently pegged by http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ as -2.5, the worst part of which is comprised by the offense, with a -2.2. Not 24 hours ago in Sun Life Stadium the Hurricanes were blown out 58-0 by Clemson, and not much fonder memories of the last game persist among Fin fans. We have some stalwart leaders among us, including the legendary Bob Griese who has always closely followed the team, not to mention yours truly, who expect a statement win today.

    In the last game the Texans came down here and blew the Fins out 30-10, not much different than last-weeks' rout of the Titans. Griese mentioned that the Texans are the second-generation team that replaced the Oilers in Houston (the Snake: Kenny Stabler, Warren Moon, Archie Manning all played there) before the franchise relocated to TN as the Titans, who we just played last week. BTW the original Titans name was made available after being unceremoniously changed to J-E-T-S.

    In that game the TX scored 21 points, largely on two R/T INTs and fumble recovery from Daniel Thomas, all in the last 2 minutes of the second quarter; before that a TX FG tied the score at 3 up. Then they played the rest of the second half in such a way to squeak another point away (i.e. 7-6) from the point differential.

    With Wilkerson and J Watt on the Houston front anything can happen. So to keep the Tigers at bey, the halftime score appears to be safe for the moment. In the 2nd QTR its about 35-0 Fins.
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    3rd Qtr Update

    After an improbable 41-0 start the Fins held ground. R/T remains in the game and curiously enough, has yet to miss a pass at 16-16-4-0. He's taken a load of hits with I think 5 sacks so far. The vaunted Fins' front has about the same amount but their QB has dropped back to pass four times as much, as the Fins continue to weigh heavily on their new mode of run-pass balance. Thought Matt Moore would have the chance to play in the 4th quarter but you got to guess the Fins want to see if Laser and his renowned student of the game can get thru the whole game without missing a pass.

    What tripe, just as I wrote the guy threw an incomplete and Fins kicked a FG. That makes 44-20 but look for Miami to get another defensive score, as Hoyer has been gunning with no-huddle frantic attacks.

    The Patsies are safely ahead of Jets 23-16 as they angle in for another TD pass. Last I checked their running game had a total of -2 yds. No, that wasn't in the first quarter: I just looked again and its all of one yard from their RB's in like only 5 carries and a 15 yd. Brady scramble. Its good that NE will win this one, since Miami's the next one up, the second of their three-game home stretch. According to a notable Addict the Jets chances took a nosedive on a Brandon Marshall drop in the E/Z. Fitzpatrick was playing with fire up 'til then.

    Rain had been pounding parts of TX since Thursday. In Corsicana, 20" of rain fell by Saturday. Something to do with that Mexican Hurricane. A freight train carrying cement overturned on waterlogged tracks not far from the city, about 200 mi. due N. of Houston.
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    hahahaha,...oh yeah that good ole division hatred,...you try to hide it but it can't help comin' out. It's always fun and always brutally splashing. I also enjoy the AFC West dislike-fests,...they can be absolutely raw.

    How's that coaching change down there in Miami? And I'm no college football fan, to me it's like watching how scrool football.

    Congrats to the Phins! 2 straight impressive wins while the media ignores because of win/loss stuff. I think it's impressive.

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