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Thread: Souhan: Vikings need to win next five games vs. lowly teams

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    I believe they have a great potential. However, I am not sure whether they should go on with the same coach.


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    Well, the outcome was predictable. Vegas won't even take odds on Vikings/Packers games any more because the outcome is so predictable. And yes, I went ahead and put them down for the loss in Green Bay at the end of the season because, let's face it, they are in the Viking's heads now.

    Minnesota is as talented as Green Bay, they're as well coached as Green Bay, and the momentum was all Minnesota's at home. But at the risk of sounding like a schmuck: same old Vikings. Hey, we led the division for one week!
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    Starting to sense a trend here. When the Vikings play a team that isn't a complete wreck, they have no chance to compete. And this game (Seahawks) must have been on TV because that was one of those "we can't play when anyone is watching" kind of performances that I've grown accustomed to out of this franchise.

    So to sum up, we can't beat good teams and can't beat anyone on TV. So why bother making the playoffs in that case, since playoff teams are good and they tend to televise playoff games?

    I hope Zimmer gives them a good amount of s*** for that embarrassing showing. Merely pretenders folks, nothing to see here.

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