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    Who cares

    Were 3-0, possibly 3-1 at the end of the day, or, we could sit at 4-0!ofcourse all the credit will be given to Quinn who deserves most of the credit. After these first 3 games I'm watching a team play, not just offense, not just defense or special teams play, Quinn has given them heart. Mike Smith made the playoffs his first year as head coach, unless this team falls apart, which I don't see happening, at 4-0 they would be halfway to the post season and won't that piss off the nawth, and espn and all the homey football pundits in the media.
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    hahahaha! It is funny cause the highlights already are all about the Texans,...JJ and the QB change.

    Matt Ryan pulled off some magic early in the game which was,...magic. His short 2yd TD pass was,...magic too. All ya'll sorry sons of bitches in the media, especially all ya'll former players, can kiss our ass. Matt Ryan is from Pennsylvania and played at Boston College for crying out loud! So he's a Falcon, an Atlanta Falcon and you ignore what he's done? I almost wanna say **** YOU! Oh well, I said it,...

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