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Thread: We didn't make the schedule

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    We didn't make the schedule

    Here it is and should've predicted this easily. Now that the Falcons can go 3-0 against NFC East division foes, that division is now considered weak. The schedule makers changed the game between the Falcons/Eagles at Philly's request,...already posted about that last Spring. Then they schedule the Falcons to play away in New Jersey then play away in Dallas. If there were snickers by the schedule makers when they set this up it blew up in they face.

    With a win over the Cowboys sans Antonio Romo the Falcons can, and already have, influence perception of an entire conference division.

    Rise up irritates lots of Falcons fans including myself,...if it bothers fans of other teams as much or more I may holler bout it in every post.

    Nice scouting report type of game tonight regarding the Redskins. Cousins is a capable NFL passer with a nice running game. Matt Ryan should pass for over 300 yards on their defense and the run game should do fairly well.

    Old man Falcon,...DeAngelo Hall,...brings back memories of Jim Mora JUNIOR, Vick and a sick period of time in Falcons franchise history. Hall is a definite thug.

    damn hope I didn't jinx Hall,...he just had an injury apparently to his foot. Oh my damp toe.
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