Everyone's missing so much about the Falcons win,...amazing. Guess I'll have to repeat myself again so they'll get it right.

Before the half Quinn barked at the D-linemen going in,...it is a fact S William Moore had a speech at halftime. No one must've seen the Falcons defense in the 2nd half. The Cowboys could NOT RUN THE BALL ANYMORE PERIOD! The alternative for the boys was to dink it to the TE and RB. If anything can be criticized about the boys passing game is that it never went downfield. Know why??? Weed had pressure and cannot escape a rush, thus the dinks to the RB. In other words the Falcons defense shut down the Cowboys O period. Then there's the juggerknot which is the Falcons offense regardless the RB, the WRs, TE,...as long as Matt Ryan is tossing the ball the Falcons will move the ball on any D in the league.

Yeah the boys ran it just 5 times in the 2nd half,...cause they had only 19 snaps the entire 2nd half. On those 5 run plays the Boys lost yards as in the O-line,...ohhhhh you know that vaunted O-line with all the high draft picks and shit?,...that O-line so famous could not contain Beasley and more important Hageman. I'll remind ya'll about Hageman soon cause I already posted about him last Spring.