I never liked Deion Sanders and never will. It's fact that he was a fine cover corner and return man to ever play in the NFL. The Florida product gave us some good play and through promoting his ego is a HOFer. Today the Falcons have a football player at corner with much less ego we endured with Sanders. It was like it was good to see Sanders go to the Niners and Cowboys, then the Skins(when Sanders stole $10 mil from the little owner in Washington), then the Raiders. If the Falcons lose Desmond Trufaunt their secondary would suck so badly.

2013 Truefant was categorized as a left corner, covering the offense's #1 receiver. Last year he was listed as a right cornerback but could move to the other side to cover the #1 WR. This year he is listed as a CB, not left or right side. Ya'll prolly didn't know that so what does it mean?

It means Truface can move around to cover the #1 right? Nope. Well,...not in the two opening games this season. Trufaunt stayed out left and the Giants OJB or whatever his nickname burned Alford, the other Falcons CB, a new seat in his pants. Point is the Giants, the Eagles had ZERO desire to throw to Trufaunts side at ALL!!!! And this has been the case for over two years now. EXCEPT last season when the Cards came to ATL. They tested Trufaunt and found it futile,...extremely futile.

Falcons face a backup QB who will make a few mistakes Sunday. And that's the thinking that the Falcons expect the backup to test that side of the field away from Trufaunt,...and I say yessssssssss. Please try that strategy so we'll see Trufaunt at his best.

Desmond is no Deion, Prime Time, Neon Deion but he's more a football player after just 2 years than Sanders ever was. And I expect hate for this post but remember I watched Deion close back in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, etc. Inside joke here,...OH MY TOE!