Tomorrow, Sunday 13th of September 2015, will be the 17th birthday for the Dirty Birds. 17 years ago in the Georgia Dome after the Falcons hosted and beat the iggles 17-12 and as players were walking off the field some old black man half drunk hollered,..."All ya'lls is, is a bunch of dirty birds!!!"

Most think RB Jamal Anderson started the dirty bird dance but noooo. It was TE OJ Santiago who laughed at the old man and never forgot it. That ugly, dirty win over the iggles was week #2 and it took until week #10 for Santiago to dance his dirty bird. In that game in Massachusetts the Falcons dominated with a 41-10 win and Santiago caught two TD passes. After each score he flapped his arms, elbows bent and cawed like a crow.

Jamal Anderson's momma refined the dance into what everyone saw, as we know most of these boys in the NFL are mommys boys.

So happy birthday Dirty Birds dance! 17 years and still ticking! Now RISE UP all ya'lls dirty boods.