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Thread: Have a taken a dump on the squish the fish this year yet?

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    Have a taken a dump on the squish the fish this year yet?

    and their commie cheerleader Gund?


    So I will now then! Sorry Fins, no playoffs for you!
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    This is just an agenda-driven post from someone who lives in Miami but would rather see Jets win, that is typically a bold-faced conclusion without any premises to justify it.

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    Careful the Fish put downs. Regardless their fans' politics someone down there has assembled a serious defense. Jets/Dolphins games could be 13-10 affairs either way.

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    That's okay, I can just report the post to the authorities. So far they have been really fair and cooperative because we all want to see NFLfans.com stay a class website.

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    While that would certainly qualify as Trash Talk, he didn't use profanities...I think you'll survive Gund.
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    Got ?

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