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Thread: Problems in Miami

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    Problems in Miami

    It's after 3 qtrs. and it's 7-6 Dolphins.

    Until sometime during the 3rd qtr. both teams were unable to use the helmet mike and the lack of that turned this preseason game into a high school game. Given most plays were scripted on offense when the starters were in, the fact there was zero communication between Shanahan and Ryan/Yates reduced adjustments notably in blocking scheme. The Falcons defense was forced to play a base cover 3 because Quinn was unable to coach on the fly, stuck with personnel changes without the luxury of changing pass coverage. That was great experience for the D-line but tonight's performance was strikingly similar to last season.

    The Dolphins have an impressive front 7 defensively.

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    It may have helped, them not being able to use the headsets, defensively that is. The D actually looked good to me throughout the game, it was pouring rain towards the end of the game but the D holding any team to 13 or 14 points is good news to me.
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