With no doubt the Falcons have the most awful, the lightest, mal-coached, un-pedigreed, worst O-linemen in the entire league.

There is the 1st round pick left tackle chosen cause of his name, the rest are washed up, weak linemen other teams don't need. Look for a real depth chart anywhere and what you'll get is guesses as to whom will start even at center. It ain't no guess because Kyle Shanahan has no idea who will be the 4 starters other than Matthews at LT.

The Falcons have a good history with a competent O-line when they addressed the position in the '80's and '90's. When Dan Reeves took over as GM/HC he ignored the line in the draft and staffed the line with throwaways. Then in 2001,...who needs an O-line when ya got Mike Vick? Then starting in 2009 the Falcons continue to ignore the line trading picks away for a washed up HOF tight end and later multiple picks for a great receiver. How does a great receiver help if the QB is being swallowed by a sack? THAT'S what we'll see this season if nothing changes and seeing what this team has assembled for run and pass blocking reveals they'll be lucky to win 6 games this year.

Is it all that bad? Let's just say opposing teams will see film of that game in Miami last Saturday night.